Hi and welcome to the site!

I don’t know exactly what I should put here, so I’ll start with the basics. You can call me Lenna. I will be 21 this year. My cultural background is a mixture of European-American. I lived in Europe until 2001, when I moved to California, USA with a part of my fam.

Adjusting to living in America has not been easy: I came with values and perspectives on life that were quite different from the ones I encountered here. I had to leave behind friends, family, and the lifestyle that I knew to discover, build, and familiarize myself with new ones.

Experiencing this culture shock helped shape my outlook and opinions, and allowed me to become a very open-minded individual, with strong convictions, and a broad, multilateral view on things.

That is probably what sparked my interest in social issues, particularly politics and economics, and pushed me on to pursue an International Studies: Economics/Political Science degree in college. In addition to my major, I have declared a minor in Political Science. I am also
considering going exclusively into Economics and minoring in Spanish.

Currently, I am a junior in a four-year institution, and I take pride in going to one of the world’s top schools – the University of California, San Diego. Go TRITONS!

I enjoy learning and sharing perspectives with others. In light of that, debates and philosophical discussions definitely catch my eye. Among my hobbies are Dancing (a huge part of my personality), Reading, Writing, Drawing, Philosophy, Logic, Economics, Debate, Swimming, Tennis, Informatics,
Blogging, Poetry, Photography, Traveling, and playing Video Games. I also enjoy Math, Statistics, and Culture Studies. Languages are another area of study that interests me and about which I am passionate.

My background has exposed me to a multicultural environment, which led me to learning several languages - I am proficient in Bulgarian, English, Russian, and Spanish and strive to learn more.

I view learning languages as a portal to enhanced communication, cultural diversity, and national integration into the world community and thus they are very important to me.

I see the future as uncertain, but I have high ambitions and I give it my best to try and achieve them, even if it takes time. Ideally, after I graduate, I would attend Law School, for I am highly interested in the world political and socioeconomic relations; I would like to step into that arena one day, as an adviser, contractor, legal representative, or consultant on international trade.

In terms of the day-to-day stuff and my personal life, I love to express myself and share my experiences and encounters with the world on my blog, entitled KissTheWorld: Sharing the World with You Through My Eyes. It is an outlet to my thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

There is much to know about me, and the best way to do so is by asking questions. Give me a question and I will most likely address it. I prefer debatable topics, like the nature of good and evil, but personal questions are fine too.
Finally, here is some trivia about me:
 - My favorite color is blue.
 - I am a video-games nerd.
 - I love nature and music.
 - Halloween is my favorite holiday.
 - I have a weird fascination with cats and I believe I am cat-like in some ways. Purrrrrr!
 - If I could be any animal I would be a cheetah or a puma.  I am very animal-loving.
 - I think a gentle, tender hug is the single friendliest gesture on Earth – it can serve as a greeting, means of congratulating someone, comforting them, keeping them warm, protecting them, saying goodbye to them and probably much more.

I hope you enjoy this site!

                                  Hugs and kisses,